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Client Testimonials - Mick's Plumbing

Mick's Plumbing is Rated: 5/5
based on these 30 happy customer reviews.

"Mick was able to make it to my house within an hour. He completed the work quickly and correctly. He was very outgoing and a pleasure to work with."

- Paige Perry Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"He came to diagnose the problem immediately. He told me exactly what the hourly charge would be and he worked till the job was done, even late in the evening for no extra charges. I was very happy with him. He had to do some drilling and replaced some parts. He worked for at least six hours. He fixed something that could have turned into a disaster."

- Carol Wheeler Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"On a Sunday morning we had only cold water. I called Mick because he is rated highly on Angie's list and is in my neighborhood. He came on a Sunday and did not charge extra, unlike the major companies I called for quotes. He assessed our problem then called his supply house and gave three options for size, price and longevity warranty. He then left to pick up the water heater, returned and installed it. The service and attitude were great."

- Nedra Brill Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"I am in the process of redoing our main bathroom. After disconnecting the toilet and sink last week, I determined that the shut off valves were in poor condition. I found Mick's plumbing both through Angieslist and through my local hardware store who highly recommends him. Mick showed up this morning exactly at 8:00 as promised and set about replacing the valve shutoffs. The cold water side of the sink required that the pipe connecting to the valve needed to also be replaced because it was also deteriorated. Mick was able to replace this 90 year old pipe without a problem which can be iffy when you are dealing with galvanized pipe. Mick cleaned up after himself and also helped me with an aerator on an outdoor faucet. I am very pleased with his services and would certainly hire him again."

- Dave Johansen Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"He is friendly and has a great service. He is a problem solver"

- Kevin Shetterly Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"Came home from a few days away to find what had been an occasionally dripping sink pipe was leaking much more. I resolved to try to fix it myself. Long story short, two trips to Lowe's and about four hours of doing my best resulted in just about the same amount of leakage. At least the fittings were clean and shiny, right? So, wanting to actually use my kitchen tonight, I checked Angie's List and found that Mick's Plumbing was close-by. I called to inquire on price/hr and availabilty - he was able to come over in just a few hours, spent less than an hour fixing my bungled version of things and was on his way. Mick was nice, friendly, on-time, and quick.
I only wish I had called a professional right away - doing so would have saved a good chunk of my time and a few choice colorful expressions. "

- David Morgan Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"He was great. He did a nice job. He was on time and efficient. He was cost effective. I would recommend him."

- Marilynn Considine Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"We found Mick to be very prompt, thorough and personable. He fit us into his schedule and took care of our plumbing needs with a minimum of fuss.
We would recommend Mick's Plumbing to anyone we know who might have a plumbing need. "

- Jeff Dorr Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"Mick is fantastic. He has completed three separate jobs for us requiring changing out faucets and inlet pipes, and locating and fixing a hard-to-find leak. Each time he came ASAP, got the job done properly, and charged a very fair price."

- Elizabeth Burns Jones Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"Mick wasn't able to come the night I called as the job he was working on went late. He did call and scheduled a time for the next day, a day he ususally doesn't work. He fixed the problem, expained why it happend and offered to see if there was an alternative. Unfortunately he wasn't able to find the part to redirect the drain but things are working well as is.
Pleasant, timely, professional!"

- Kathy Kersey Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"Called Mick's office and left a voicemail explaining my tub leak. Two hours later Mick called back set up a time that day and even arrived early. He helped find the leak, we agreed that it was a tub problem not a plumbing problem; he did not charge me anything and away he went. Great experience with Mick's Plumbing."

- Sherri O. West Linn, OR | Rated: 5/5

"We had a leak in our kitchen sink pipes to the point where we needed pipes replaced. I called Mick on a Saturday afternoon and he was able to come that day. When he showed up he quickly assessed the necessary repairs and got started. Kept me updated during the process (also took boots off before entering home which won points with the wife). Mick rebuilt our sink pipes very professionally and efficiently. Very personable and professional. We will be utilizing his services to replace our water heater soon. Highly recommend his work.
Member Comments: Very happy with the quality of the services provided. Price was reasonable given the rebuild of the plumbing and the time spent on site."

- David G. Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"We saw that Mick had excellent reports on Angie's List, his wife was very friendly on the phone, and he said he could come right over on his way to another job. So we hired him. He was professional, friendly, cleaned up completely, and the added bonus was his cheerful personality. He sang and hummed while working! He was a joy to have around. And he did a great job installing the garbage disposal in about 1 1/2 hours. We'd highly recommend him."

- Jim Puterbaugh Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"Mick arrived on time, gave an upfront estimate of cost, was courteous, cleaned up after himself after the job was complete. I believe his assessment of the problem is accurate - he did a good job of explaining what was going on. I have followed all of his recommendations and will take it under advisement when I remodel the basement. We still don't know where the water is coming from but at least it isn't coming into my basement anymore!"

- Janith Wright Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"Dedicated is the best word I can think of.
Came over and worked on the drain until he found out the issue, (old home and years of sediment clogged the pipe from the basement). By the next day, he had both ends of the pipe snaked out and put in a new section of pipe in the basement. Made sure everything was flowing properly before leaving.
Cool guy to chat with too, but focused on his work. Would for sure hire again on and future projects."

- Brian Riley Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"The lady of the house had worked 3 hours to unclog the tub, before she called me. I came and performed the usual efforts to free the clog, including using a coat hanger. After 45 minutes I called Mick, who just happened to be in transit between jobs. He diverted to my location of need and adeptly freed the biological gunk preventing draining.

In the four month earlier job, I was preparing the kitchen for an IKEA remodel, trying to save myself a little money, when I accidentally broke a fitting to the drain pipe for the kitchen sink. In two days, the cabinets were to be installed. Mick came out the next day, to replace the pipe in the wall and got it ready for the sink install. Mick not only brings his bag of plumbing tools to the job, but also his suitcase of humor and compassion. When Mick returned to do the hookups in the kitchen, for which he was hired by IKEA, he quibbled about the inch or two the piping was off due to the previous plumber!"

- Steve Rosenfeld | Rated: 5/5

"I have been using and referring his services for about four years. He is a great, personable, fun guy. He sometimes has to make an extra trip but he ensures the job is done well. He is very fair. I would hire him again and I have recommended him to others."

- Jennifer B. Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"We have hired him for plumbing. They did a good job for us. Mick is great and we have recommended him to others."

- Dove Hotz Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"We called Mick’s Plumbing after finding him on Angie’s List. When we called, he was able to come out the next morning. The work was fine. He completed the work at a reasonable rate. We like him because he was local and available on short notice."

- Carey Larson Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"Mick very friendly and reasonable. Less than I had expected to pay!"

- Jane W. Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"Another plumber recommended to me by a friend had not kept our appointment or called to say that he would not be coming. After waiting several hours I clicked on to Angie's List and found Mick's listing.
I was very pleased to find a highly rated plumber in my neighborhood. Mick took my call even though it was late in the day. He worked me into his schedule for the very next afternoon!
Mick showed up on time. He was friendly, courteous, professional, and very clean in his work habits. He listened while I explained the problem, then got right to work finding its source. He had all the necessary tools and equipment - including parts - in his van. He replaced a faulty piece of pipe. Mick tested the sink several times to make sure the leak was fixed afterwards, too.
He could not have been more responsive or kind. I can't recommend him highly enough, really! I'm so glad to have my kitchen back in working order!"

- Kristin J. Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5

"He installed some faucets for me in my sinks. He was recommended to me by my friend. He is a really nice guy and stands by his word. There was an issue still on the next day and he came back without hesitation and corrected it. I really liked him and felt that he was very honest and fair. I also had a plumbing problem that he could have attempted to do, but he couldn't guarantee the work. He was honest and could have tried to fix it for me and been successful. He was wonderful and even cleaned up very well after the work was complete. "

- Barbara | Rated: 5/5

"He has done a number of plumbing jobs for my personal home as well as for my rental property. I last had him repair a kitchen sink. I have been using his services for about three years. He always comes as soon as possible when I call him. He is honest, quick, and explains things. He also tried to a save me money with the jobs. Mick has been great! "

- Susan & Lena B. | Rated: 5/5

"Removed broken pipe from wall that leaked into the basement, and plugged the hole. I would hire them again with pleasure."

- Greg G. | Rated: 5/5

"Mick checked the hot water faucet on the claw foot tub. It wasn't always providing hot water. Mick found the water supply was fine, that the faucet was not working well because it was designed to have a shower attached. I will order a new faucet and it will be installed after it comes. They are hard to find in stores. Mick has done work in the past for me and does an amazing job. He is very thoughtful about how to solve problems, extremely hard working, and has a great sense of humor. Mick is a pleasure."

- Kathy | Rated: 5/5

"Great info, alternatives, clean job. "

- Cynthia | Rated: 5/5

"Mick was a hero on my job. He showed up on a holiday weekend and worked all weekend. He got piping (and himself) into the space between first story ceiling and second story floor without tearing out anything. We ended up doing a complete interior repipe on this old home (1889). Mick was very knowledgeable and good at figuring out workable solutions. In addition, he was fun to work with. As the tile setter on the project said "He is a gem". "

- Kathy Casson | Rated: 5/5

"We have been customers of Mick's Plumbing for a number of years and can offer our highest praise for his work. Mick has helped us with various plumbing emergencies, working long hours to find and solve the source of each problem. Mick is reliable,professional and extremely honest and never leaves a mess. His rates are reasonable and we like working with an independent plumber. Mick he has a wonderful sense of humor which has helped to de-stress the anxiety of dealing with unexpected plumbing disasters...and his Truck is great! "

- Very Satisfied Customers, Bill & Cindi Marshall | Rated: 5/5

"I have used Mick's Plumbing on three different jobs within the last year. The first was a difficult drain replacement because the old system wouldn't come apart, the second was a typical electric water heater replacement for a water heater that had sprung a leak, and the third was replacing the water main which broke flooding my basement.

Mick is a pleasure to work with and all work was completed on time and in a completely professional manner. The water heater for a tenant and the water main breakage both occurred on Saturday mornings and although Mick had other job commitments, he told me what time he could be there that day and WAS there at the agreed upon time. Besides being a professional plumber, Mick makes a strong effort and takes great pride in being on the job when he says he will. I will continue to use the services of Mick's Plumbing for all my plumbing needs. "

- John Zegar | Rated: 5/5

"I've had Mick come out for a couple of different jobs, once when we had a plumbing crisis fairly late in the evening that simply could not wait until the next day. He's also been great about coming up with creative solutions to lower the cost of a job that otherwise could have required serious rework to the arrangement of older pipes in our house."

- F.E. Portland, OR | Rated: 5/5


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