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Portland Water Filtration System Solutions


Water Distillers

With the introduction of water distillers, people believed that pure water had no way of letting harmful organisms in the body. Today there is increasing awareness on the effects of distilled water on human health. This is because distilled water has no minerals hence affecting mineral balance in the body. People have come to realize that the minerals dissolved in water are more important for body function than distilled water. Minerals offer support to the body's immune system as well as metabolism.

Ultra Violet Radiation Systems

Ultra Violet Radiation systems involve the use of light at high frequency to eliminate organisms in water. The use of UV systems is common in third world countries, because water from these areas cause more serious diseases, especially from sewage seeping down to the water table. This system is an excellent sterilizer. However, the water must be analyzed in a laboratory before it can be cleared for drinking.

Homemade Water Filter

Ordinary items in the home create good homemade water filtration systems, for example, charcoal is a great filtering agent when making a water filter. Home made water filters are a great benefit when camping or in emergencies.

Charcoal Water Filters

Charcoal water filters in Portland come in various forms such as activated charcoal, carbon block or micron rating. The use of a carbon block is the best in this form of filtration because the water seeps through much slower than when using loose charcoal.

Carbon filters are however susceptible to mould attacks when not used for long periods especially in areas with high humidity. They also attract and hold the organic matter contained in the water that can easily rot. This indicates that carbon filters become less efficient with use. This change also affects the taste of the water indicating the need to change the filter regularly. In addition, carbon filters are not able to change the pH of water because acidic minerals dissolve in it. As such, water-containing acid remains contaminated.

Hikers, kayakers and campers in their outdoor pursuits need a water filtration solution they can use outdoors. This applies especially in areas that do not have designated campsites that provide water suitable for drinking.

Water filtration systems in Portland have helped provide safe drinking water especially to people living in areas with a water shortage crisis. The future holds great advances in filtration technology as scientific research demonstrates ways of separating water from other harmful substances. This new generation of water filters will take water recycling and filtration to the next level, ensuring that saline water or contaminated surface water becomes readily available for consumption.

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