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The Right Sink for Your Kitchen Remodel in Portland

The first question to ask is whether your primary sink should have a single bowl or it should have two or three bowls.  If you often have more than one person working in the kitchen, you might want two or three bowls. An alternative would be to install a second sink in another main working area.  If you do not have a dishwasher, you might prefer two or more bowls to accommodate washing and rinsing of dishes. You will also want deeper bowls if you will hand-wash dishes.

The second question to ask is what sink material and style is most appropriate for your needs.  Do you want something more practical and traditional like porcelain over cast iron or stainless steel?  Will your budget and your maintenance time permit a copper or brass sink?  Will the budget allow stone or glass or even hand-painted china?  Or do you want the appearance of concrete or soapstone?  You might consider a practical primary sink that will be durable and easy to clean and maintain, splurging on the material for a smaller secondary sink.

The third question to ask is how the sink will be installed, and how the installation fits with your kitchen style and design. The least costly type of installation is the drop-in sink, which is simply dropped into the counter top with overlapping edges.  Undermounted sinks are attached beneath the countertop. They transition smoothly with the counter. Integral sinks are made of the same material as the countertop and look seamless. Exposed-apron sinks allow the front panel of the sink to show.

Finally, decide whether to install a secondary sink(s).  You might choose to install a small food preparation sink or a bar sink.  Because these are usually smaller sinks, this might be the opportunity to splurge on placement in the kitchen (due to additional plumbing costs) or on the sink material.  Additional sinks can be very efficient and help to control traffic through primary work spaces if you do a lot of entertaining, if two people cook together often, or if you have an eat-in kitchen. 

Whatever the style of your remodeled kitchen, you will have a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from when you select the perfect sink(s) for your needs.

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