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Portland Cleanouts for Your Drains

Why cleanouts?

Portland drain lines

As a plumber, I know that having sufficient cleanouts throughout your home can save your plumber time and you money and headaches!  It is easier to keep your drains cleared from debris.  That way, if you have a blockage, you have a shorter distance to clear because you have access with a cleanout.   
For example, in older homes I need to go through the P trap area to snake the drain out because older homes typically have no cleanouts.  This makes it harder to do the snaking because you need to take all the kitchen drainage apart to gain access.   This adds time (and of course money) onto your plumbing bill when your drains get clogged with last night’s lasagna.


What’s more, the real problem is not only that access if more difficult, but often in disassembling very old pipes, they break. The piping is just so corroded and brittle that it cannot withstand the pressure of taking it apart.  Then I am left explaining to the customer that we have a new issue that needs to be dealt with. 


 But if you do have a cleanout under your kitchen sink, all you have to do when there is a stoppage is unscrew the cap, and insert the snake machine without touching the old kitchen drainage. 


Another good place to put a cleanout for a kitchen drain is in a Portland basement. Then you just open the kitchen drainage pipe on the drain below and have easy access- and you can snake downwards (if that’s where the stoppage is) or above towards the kitchen sink, if that’s where the problem is.  Again this is all done without touching old kitchen drainage connected to the sink.  


Of course I suggest keeping your drain pipes clean using BIO-CLEAN, the natural drain cleaner made from enzymes and bacteria that actually digests any waste such as hair, grease, soap, paper, etc. Won’t rot your pipes either like that other stuff and safe around the kids and pets.  Use once a month for optimum benefits, 100 treatments per can, that’s under 60 cents per treatment!


Check out my SPECIAL OFFERS page to print out a 15% off coupon for any cleanout installed.  


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